Jamie and Gus – Stryd

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 8.28.35 PM (2)In this episode, we speak with Jamie and Gus from Stryd, a new company with a product that lets runners see a power measurement when training and racing.  Power has been used in recreational and professional cycling for a while now, and it is seen as a useful way to measure effort independent of hills.  Jamie, Gus, and their team have developed a small sensor package that clips to the waistband of a runner to collect data and/or send it to a watch that can read a standard cycling power meter.  The device also interfaces with smartphones for real-time coaching with the included app.  It is a new and interesting metric for runners, enabled in part by hardware advancements and availability but mostly the complex algorithms  used to interpret accelerometer and other sensor data.  They have exceeded expectations on Kickstarter - check it out!  Enjoy!

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