Dr. Tom Waller – Speedo Aqualab

SpeedoIn this episode, we speak with Dr. Tom Waller, head of Speedo‘s Aqualab.  The Aqualab is responsible for the cool new technologies and innovations coming out of Speedo.  Swimwear offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities not present in terrestrial sporting equipment.  With only one piece of equipment between athlete and environment, the engineers’ and designers’ end result must be a seamless (pun intended, sometimes) integration of many technical disciplines.  Tom tells us about some of the virtual and human-based testing they carry out and what they do to push technology and keep within the regulations.  Speedo is releasing something big on the 1st of December in preparation for the London Olympics so keep an eye out for that!  Watch out for the latest news @Speedo_Global and on the Speedo Facebook page.

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