Huub Valkenburg and Dan Richards, Karhu

Karhu_logo_RGBIn this episode, we speak with designer and developer Dan Richards and Huub Valkenburg, the president and CEO of Karhu.  Founded in Finland in 1916, Karhu (Finnish for ‘bear’ – cool!)  is one of the oldest athletic equipment companies with a lot of interesting history.  Delivering with a Model-T, providing for the Finnish military – the three stripes of early designs were sold to a Germany company.  Within the last few years, the company has been re-acquired and they are revisiting and revitalizing some of their history with fresh research.  In the 80′s, Karhu was known for the ‘fulcrum’ technology, placing emphasis on horizontal efficiency.  Dan tells us about the research and design process from the technical side and Huub talks about the brand and what it’s like to bring it into mainstream consciousness.

The Karhu website has a nice section about running form as well as explanations of horizontal efficiency and their products.  Check it out and follow them @KarhuRunning.  Enjoy!

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