Dr. Jodi Richardson – Sports Science Journalism

Dr-Jodi-RichardsonIn this episode, we speak with Dr. Jodi Richardson, Australian columnist and freelance sports science journalist.  Jodi combined her love of exercise and chemistry in a PhD on skeletal muscle physiology, specifically looking at hamstring training for injury prevention in sport.  In addition to her academic exploits, she also has years of experience as an exercise physiologist and personal trainer, as well as teaching experience in PE, science and chemistry.  Jodi uses her extensive background in sport sciences to explain some of the cool things going on in elite sport to the general public.  We talk about some of the challenges of explaining advanced science and engineering to an audience unfamiliar with the terms and concepts as well as the opportunity to use sport as a vehicle for scientific instruction.  Jodi keeps a blog - The Science of Elite Sport – and you can follow her on Twitter  @JRSportSci.

One of her more recent articles was on Professor Allan Hahn, considered by many to be the grandfather of sports science.  Check it out!:

Reflections of Professor Allan Hahn on the role of technology in high-performance sport

The football article of which we spoke in the podcast:

Inside Football – The art and science of goalkicking

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