Dr. David Rogers – Football Research

DaveRogersIn this episode, Dave joins us to talk about football research.  Having recently completed his PhD thesis, a work that evolved from his passion for engineering and sport, Dave provides a unique view into high-level research and development of sports goods.  He has provided us with several images from some of the more interesting test scenarios (click the read more button!).  If you’d like to contact Dave, e-mail us (info@sportstechnologypodcast.com) or find him on LinkedIn (David Rogers).

The kicking robot (blue with silver cage) kicks balls in Millenium Stadium.  The ball’s trajectories are monitored with several high speed cameras and tracking equipment.


This MASSIVE blimp hangar (look through the tent at the truck beneath the blimp!) provides the still air and volume necessary to take precise measurements of ball trajectory in order to quantify the aerodynamic influence of small modifications on prototype footballs.


In the Loughborough University wind tunnel, Dave inspects a mounted football.

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