Brian Levenson – Mental Coach

headshotYet another aspect of sports in this episode:  psychology!  Our guest is Brian Levenson, a mental coach in Washington DC.  Brian studied sports psychology, writing his master thesis at John F. Kennedy University on home court advantage.  He currently works with teams and individuals from kids to professionals, helping to prepare the minds of athletes for peak performance.  We talk about sports psychology in general and how Brian has seen the field grow.  He tells us about the differences (and similarities) between professional athletes and kids in terms of the mental side of sport.  Enjoy!

Brian’s website is C.O.R.E. Mental Training.  Check it out for more information about sports psychology and his areas of expertise.  He’s also a prolific Tweeter @BrianLevenson and puts out Brian’s Message of the Day, a quick, sports psychology-related article/video/tip.

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