Becky Canvin – Sports Science Journal Club

P1050942-1024x7682222222In this episode, we speak with sport scientist Becky Canvin.  Becky studied at St Mary’s University College and completed a MSc in Sport and Exercise Physiology at Roehampton University.  In her studies and work in the health care industry, she gained an appreciation for critical analysis of scientific journals.  Becky has recently started a blog community for analyzing sports-related articles.  It’s a growing group that aims to take a close look at studies, encouraging dialogue and exposing those interested to interesting new aspects of sport science.  The current journal under discussion compares chocolate milk and a commercial recovery beverage in a cycling trial.  Read this week’s article (Comparisons of Post-Exercise Chocolate Milk and a Commercial Recovery Beverage following Cycling Training on Recovery and Performance), follow her @BeckyCanvin on Twitter for the latest updates and check out the website!

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