Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 8.28.35 PM (2)Jamie and Gus from Stryd present the latest metric for runners – real-time power.  Stryd uses accelerometers and algorithms to let runners train off a power measurement, as has been the standard in cycling for years.  They tell us about the development and release of the new product.

Lee and Jack from Scout7 tell us about how their company’s software help scout and recruit for football clubs around the world with powerful data collection and management.



BuriramDamien Hawes from GPSports brings us up to speed with the latest in team data collection – position, heartrate, motion, and how it is used by managers and trainers to improve team performance.



PatricStreeterPatrick Streeter is co-founder and CEO of Volatile Padding, a company that created a patented new technology for padding in athletic applications.



omungerOlivier Munger is the president and chief technology officer of Quattriuum, who recently released a new piece of tracking technology for ice hockey.



Brock Lachowski is a masters student at Western University researching the human-oar interaction in rowing.




SRODr. Steve Otto is the director of research for the R&A, golf’s governing body.




Tom A 1Tom Allen is a lecturer in engineering design at Sheffield Hallam University, as well as being involved with the Sports Engineering Journal, and the International Sports Engineering Association.



NickWhiteLooking at technology in sport from a different angle, Nick White, a partner at Couchmans LLP explains how his law firm works with athletes, clubs and governing bodies to navigate the legal challenges in collected data and athlete likenesses.



DavyeonRossDavyeon Ross joins to tell us about a new training aid for basketball developed by his company Shot Tracker.  The system has a wearable component, a net sensor, and an app to monitor shooting success.




Vin McCgametheorygroupaffrey, founder and CEO of GTG tells us about his company works with athletes and universities to prepare student athletes for successful careers within and outside the sports industry.



jeffbeckhamFreelance writer Jeff Beckham tells us about his favorite stories – the ‘moneyball’ of basketball, and triathlete Sarah Reinertsen, the first woman with a prosthetic leg to try and to complete the Kona Ironman.



pitchvisionRichard Welch, creator of PitchVision, tells us about how he developed his original cricket training aid and how the company and services have grown with new technologies.



rsz_jess_profile_picDr. Jessica Leitch tells us about her company Run3D, a physiotherapy and injury prevention service that blends 3D motion capture and with a library of biomechanical data.



mounirZok - USOC1Mounir Zok is the senior sports technologist for the US Olympic Committee and he tells about how technology is implemented to connect teams and athletes across the country.



philPhil Hartfield is a PhD research student in the sports technology institute and former biomechanist for GB Rowing.  He tells us about how technology has changed the sport.



mikeOur very own Dr. Mike Vasquez gave a presentation at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference titled “The Printed Athlete:  How 3D Printing is Changing the Face of Sports”.  Check out the video!



alannathanProfessor emeritus of nuclear physics Alan Nathan is a baseball fanatic and he tells us about some his favorite findings in his extensive research in the sport.



jrappJordan Rapp is an elite professional triathlete with a degree in engineering and a deep appreciation for and understanding of the equipment he uses.  He tells us about how he works with engineers to improve his gear.



thrillcapitalPeter Mackness tells us abous the company that uses crowd-sourced funding to support sports and entertainment.




newtonJohn Needham from Newton Running stopped by to talk about Newton’s unique approach to forefoot-rearfoot balance in running shoes.



nadinedaveNadine and David from the University of Southern Mississippi are PhD research students.  Nadine tells us about her work into minimalist foowear and David talks about his work with American football protective equipment.



Ryan McGinnisRyan McGinnis is a PhD research student at the University of Michigan and he tells us about his instrumented baseball for collecting pitch data.



karhuCEO Huub Valkenburg and designer Dan Richards of the Finnish company Karhu join us to talk about re-inventing the running brand while keeping the original core principles intact.



Mark_pictureMark Henderson from the adidas Innovation Team tells us about how he got involved with the industry and discusses some of his favorite projects.



photo-fullGihan Amarasiriwardena is one of the founders of Ministry of Supply, an innovative company that designs and creates smart business attire using science and tech from sports and aerospace research.  He tells us about how the company started and what they are doing now.


carolynsteeleDr. Carolyn Steele is a Loughborough graduate and currently heads up engineering and development at Bauer Hockey.  We talk about ice hockey sticks.



Dr. Siân Slawson is a Loughborough graduate and post-doc researcher.  She tells us about her work with British Swimming.




Talking Sport: Liam Kilmartin.  10 January 2012Laim Kilmaterin is a lecturer at the National University of Ireland with a special interest in signal processing.  He has developed goal line technology systems and we speak with him about the technology and its implications for football/soccer.



rossweirRoss Weir is the director of Progressive Sports in Loughborough.  He tells us about the development of one product he was responsible for called the RespiBelt.



henryOur very own Henry Hanson gave a lecture on the sports technology field to a meeting of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.  It has been condensed into a 5 minute video that gives a good overview of the industry and some of the bigger areas of research.



F_Lo_Kin_2085Kin Lo has served as the head of R&D for the PGA tour and we talk abotu ShotLink, the system used to capture and organize each stroke.



London-Business-School_300William Mao and D’arcy McConvey from the London Business School tell us about the professional interest group that revolves around the sports industry.



statdnaSarah Rudd is the VP of software development and analytics at StatDNA and she tells us about how she got involved and how she uses statistics to see sports.


headshotBrian Levenson is a mental coach in Washington DC and he tells us about how he works with a wide range of athletes to prepare them mentally to preform at their peak potential.



P1050942-1024x7682222222Becky Canvin started a blog and community for critical analysis of journal papers in sports and science.  We talk about the importance of dialogue in scientific publishing, and chocolate milk.



gregwilliamsgregwilliamsGreg Williams tells us about his research in baseball including time at Rawlings developing baseball gloves.




tariqheadshotTariq Ahmad is the co-founder of SportShadow, a website that collects and displays info about social media “check-ins” at sports stadia around the world.  He tells us about his PhD work in around the topic.



Dr-Jodi-RichardsonDr. Jodi Richardson is a columnist and freelance sports science journalist and she tells us about how she uses her technical background to make science and technology in sport approachable for the general public.



SportsTechieBob Roble has bee in the sports tech industry for many years in many different capacities and he tells about the industry in general and how different sports leagues are implementing technology.



gavinwilliamsDr. Gavin Williams speaks to us a post-doctoral research associate at the Sports Tech Institute at Loughborough University about his work with wheelchair basketball.



bryantBryant McBride is an entrepreneur with experience in sport technology-related companies.




SpeedoDr. Tom Waller is the head of Speedo’s Aqualab – their innovation department.




hotspotnewWarren Brennan is the founder of BBG Sports and inventor of Hot Spot, the infared camera system used to detect otherwise imperceptible contact in ball sports.



jason_ansonJason Anson is a sports technologist combining his web design and data management with a passion for sport to create software for monitoring training.



YSD-logo-ITINatalie Hammond and Sarah Collinson work with the British organizations Youth Sport Trust and its development arm, Youth Sport Direct, which promote physical education and sports programs in schools.



Pod-PicBrooks Clemens is a financial analyst at adidas with insight on how technology is managed within big sports equipment companies.




LabAshley Gray is an exercise physiologist with Restwise, a product designed to interpret the body and assist athletes in properly determining training intensities.



222sportsDave and Phil from 222 Sports have created a new product called Swimtag – a tracking system for lap swimming athletes.




JasonGreenbergJason Greenberg is the marketing, communications, and events manager for Baseball Softball UK.




jamesjonesJames Jones is a PhD research student at Loughborough University with a particular interest in rugby.  We talk World Cup and rugby tech.



SarahAndersonSarah Anderson is a recent Georgia Tech graduate in biomedical engineering.  We talk about some of her sports-related projects, including work with ESPN’s Sport Science.



DaveRogersDr. David Rogers recently competed his PhD thesis in football (soccer) aerodynamics.  Update – Dave currently works in Speedo’s Aqualab.



JAR_ProfileDr. Jouni Ronkainen from the Sports Technology Institute joins for a discussion on an article from the Discovery Channel about 10 technologies transforming sports.



burtonDoyle and Sean from Burton Snowboards give an insiders view into the development at Burton and how additive manufacturing has streamlined the design process.



Kim3Kim Blair founded the MIT Sports Innovation Center and is the president of the International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA).




martinpotterMartin Potter writes the Cheeky Running blog.  We discuss tech trends in running.




connieyangDr. Connie Yang is director of engineering for Nemo Equipment, an outdoor equipment company known for its inflatable tents.




IMG_0007This episode is about the coefficient of restitution (COR) – a measurement of the energy stored and released in a ball impact.




cropped-stpiconsized.jpgIn this episode, we discuss the Masters, the Grand National and a couple of interesting sports tech concept products.




coopershillThe first episode!  Mike and Henry introduce themselves and the podcast.