The goal of the podcast is to cast light on the technical aspects of recreational and professional sports.  There is an enormous amount of science-based work that happens largely behind the scenes before, during, and after athletes hit the field and products hit the market.  Through interviews with athletes, researchers, engineers and designers, the podcast aims to reveal the cool technological intricacies of sport and give the listeners an inside look at the sports technology field.

mikeDr. Mike Vasquez is a Sports Technology expert who has spent his career working to bring innovative engineering and technology solutions to sports.  During his career, Mike has worked with companies including Easton, Burton Snowboards, New Balance, Rawlings, Progressive Sports Technologies, and the MIT Sports Innovation Lab.

Mike completed his PhD at Loughborough University’s Sports Technology Institute in the UK specializing in Sports Technology and Additive Manufacturing.  He received his BS/M.Eng from MIT in Materials Science and Engineering.

Mike was a captain of the MIT baseball team and has worked as an assistant coach at MIT while completing his Masters degree.  He as also finished six marathons and loves to snowboard.

henryHenry Hanson’s specialities are in developing an understanding of sports equipment using lab-based and advanced virtual methods.  He currently researches at the Sports Technology Institute at Loughborough University and plans to complete the requirements for a PhD at the end of the year.  His main project, sponsored by adidas, revolves around football (soccer) impact dynamics.  Aside from the ‘serious’ PhD work publications and conferences, he has collaborated on a temporary exhibit for the London Science Museum and written a paper examining a replica of the world’s oldest known football (100% biological).
Henry has undergraduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering and German from the University of Portland and has studied abroad in Salzburg and Magdeburg.  He runs, bikes, and enjoys seeing new places.